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Chris Moyles' Quiz Night

Dominic's on Chris Moyles' Quiz Night on Channel Four tonight (UK) at 10pm.

"33% of the audience think that host Chris will top the leader board versus only 14% backing Dominic to win. The audience may have judged too quickly though, as Dominic gets off to a flying start."

The good news is that Rob Brydon's also on, the bad news is so is Katie Price.


#38 Gerard Butler & Hilary Swank PS I love you Special Photoshoot
#26 Sam Worthington[w/ Zoe Saldana]
#17 Dominic Cooper
#28 Kellan Lutz[w/ Kola&Kevin]
#13 Ashley Greene


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The History Boys on tonight

'The History Boys' is on BBC 2 tonight at 11.35pm, part of their season celebrating Alan Bennett. If you haven't seen it, now's the time! Dominic is brilliant in it. His hair alone *grins*

Sense and Sensibility (2008) icons

54 Sense and Sensibility (2008 Miniseries) icons


Dominic Cooper on Jonathan Ross

In case you haven't seen this recent interview from Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

What a figure for a young man indeed!
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22 Dominic's Icons

[29] Vampire Diaries
[22] Bones Season 5 Promotional

[22] Dominic Cooper
[30] Chace Crawford
[49] Katherine Heighl & Gerard Butler - The Ugly Truth Premieres

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